We have found more than anything residents want clean and well-maintained homes. These two things go a long way towards having a place you can truly call home. NSP Property Management LLC has a reputation of providing the cleanest homes in Lake Havasu City, AZ and having a quick response for maintenance issues.

Next tenants want to know they are working with a trustworthy company and we offer a process that completely protects you as the resident. Throughout our entire relationship with you we want to make sure you experience open communication and all of your questions are answered. From the time you initially find a home that piques your interest, all the way through the application and lease process, until the day you vacate a property there are an infinite number of questions that arise. We are here to answer those questions and provide the customer service you have always wanted from a property management company.

One of the most common questions we are asked is how we handle the move-in and move-out process in regards to the condition of the property. We have initiated a process that protects all parties involved and is completely transparent, so you as the resident are involved for each and every step.

During the move-in process all properties are video recorded and/or photographed no more than 48-hours prior to you taking possession. While you are not required to be present for this process we are more than willing to schedule the walk-thru with you.

All residents receive an AAR Move-In Move-Out Checklist to list any and all defects they find in the home and do not want to be held responsible for. We require this form to be filled out as soon as possible, so we can have it saved in your file and encourage you to save a copy as well.

At the time of move-out we offer all residents the opportunity to schedule a final walk-thru of the property at the end of your residency. We also video or photograph all homes at this time. All photos and video recording can be provided at your request.

As a final message, we hope we have the right home for you and we appreciate you contacting our company.