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NSP Can Now Help Your Credit!


NSP Property Management LLC can now help you build or re-build credit!

The late 2000’s economic crash left many people with poor credit, and some have recovered and others are rebuilding, and there are always people just starting out.  Finding avenues to build credit can often be difficult for people with past issues or starting out.  NSP is now offers that benefit.

As of October 2014 we now submit data to Experian and RentBureau and you can request an informational brochure from NSP Property Management LLC for further details, but the overall program is simple: if you pay on-time each month it benefits your report and your score, and if you pay late it doesn’t hurt you, but it doesn’t help you either.

Very few of our residents have issues paying on-time each month, so we are very excited about offering this to benefit so many of our customers!  With so many of our customers paying on-time each month and living in our homes for so long we know this will be a good benefit to their credit reports, and since a slow-payment is not reported there isn’t a downside.  Additionally, almost all rental agencies run a credit background and they will see a positive history with a reputable company and that will increase the application’s standing against others.